2 Elected Chambers (of Secrets)

So after reading the news everyday for two weeks I am starting to see a trend, two words: ‘America’ and ‘Meltdown.’ Obama will not budge and the two elected chambers are still are at a standstill as any compromise the republicans offer is shunned by the democrats and quite rightly so. This is what happens when you have to elected chambers. The Democrats have the majority in the Senate ( quite rightly so) and a minority in the House of Representatives. Now if we compare that to Britain; House of Commons ( elected) and a majority for the executive as they are in power. The opposing party can scrutinise, and can offer their own opinion but ultimately the executive make the final decision and pass their proposition of a law to the House of Lords ( the unelected chamber.) The House of Lords can scrutinise and reject the law, however as expected the majority is Conservative as they are currently elected however, no one is elected in the house of lords. This means the opposing party has a fair say, and hopefully fingers crossed after a reasonable amount of deliberation out pops the finished product. Now, If this does not happen than David Cameron has the magical trick up his sleeve the Bull of excommunication. Just kidding, ( although don’t put it past him) he has the veto, which means he can potentially bypass House of lords and wave goodbye to their attempts to stop his law. This is what I believe America should adopt. The Republicans in the House of Representatives, which hypothetically is unelected will get a fair share in attempting to alter Obamacare, and scrutinise it, however at the end of the day the Democrats are in power and they have they have Executive dominance.